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31st Aug 2013

The 80/20 rule or Pareto’s law, an economics theory states that you get 80 percent of the results from 20 percent of the tasks you do. The rule appears everywhere in nature and culture. In a sales company, 80% of the sales, come from 20% of the sales representatives. Eighty percent of the revenues in a company come from 20% of the customers.

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20th Aug 2013

Like marathons and triathons, obstacle-course racing requires specific training. But the skill set is widely different than most endurance sports. To finish one of these events, you’ll need a good base of endurance, upper-body strength, balance, and perhaps most importantly, mental toughness.

Below you will find an eight-week training plan, divided into four categories – run, gym, playground, and outdoors to prepare you for any course longer than 8km. I’ve added in a few hints, tips and tricks as well as how to avoid the most common injuries associated with obstacle-course racing.
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16th Aug 2013

By: Robert Greene

Entertainment Value: 7.8/10

Life Value: 9/10

Read If: You are interested in power, or interested in defending yourself against it.

Do Not Read If: You think being powerful is superficial bull. Also, you probably shouldn’t read this book if you are a sociopath, I would be scared of you if you did.

Review: If you were like me, you would probably look at the title of this book and think to yourself, that’s some superficial bullshit. Nevertheless after a couple of recommendations, I picked it up.

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12th Aug 2013

Author: Arnold Schwarznegger

Entertainment Value: 6/10

Life Value: 8/10

Read if: You love inspiring life stories of a rags to riches nature.

Don’t Read if: You’re only interested in Arnold’s body building career.

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