12th Dec 2016

Australians are getting fatter. What influences our food choices? How does our food system support or undermine our health? And what can we do about it? In this informative and engaging talk, friend Phil Baker examines some of the less obvious influences on what we eat and why, and asks what role regulation can legitimately play in addressing some of the problems in our food system.
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19th Jul 2015

Sick and tired of purchasing overpriced pre-workout formulas that claim to give you super powers?

Gym go-ers and individuals alike have been chasing a natural boost for years. The answer may be as simple as eating your vegetables rather than consuming “synthetically” produced nitrates.
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7th Jul 2015

Caffeine is undoubtedly the most widely used stimulant in the world when it comes to training. Is it friend or foe? This week PMM explores the benefits of caffeine and training. Read more…