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Having worked in the health & fitness industry for 10 years as a qualified Australian Strength & Conditioning Coach I have had the opportunity to help guide, develop & implement individual performance and lifestyle programs for everyone from office executive to the olympic level athlete.
I have had the privilige to help develop government health initiatives with at risk demographics, delivering seminars and lectures within the public domain, and have a broad range of working experience in the field of musculo-skelatal rehabilitation.
I specialise in lifestyle, athletic performance and nutritional planning and I wish to share with you the knowledge that has helped me maximise my own life, be it lifestyle, nutrition or performance.
What I offer:
  • Exercise Programming
  • Nutritional/Supplementation Advice
  • Musculo-skeletal Rehabilitation
  • Cardiovascular Conditioning

Coaching rates:

  • Half hour  $25
  • Full hour $50

Unless you are planning on a single video call to work on a single issue, I strongly suggest booking your first session for an hour. It will give us the chance to fully explore what you need. If we decide to work together after our first call, significant discounts are available for ongoing clients in order to make coaching more accessible and affordable.

Special Offer:

Also, once or twice a month we will provide ability-to-pay & free based coaching for young like minded entrepreneurs or special situations. Use the contact form to explain yours and we will reach out to you if you are selected. Definitely worth a look in.

Important Details:

Before purchasing your Personal coaching sessions, you must read , accept, and understand our full disclaimer.

  • Appointments are usually scheduled 1-3 weeks in advance at your convenience
  • Be prepared to create positive change
  • Sessions can be held sooner should you require immediate start

For further questions about coaching, please contact us here.

Let us know what you hope to achieve by working with us? What are your highest priorities? General health & Wellbeing? Greater understanding of nutrition? Sports performance?


Isobel Loh

‘I’ve known Ryan for sometime now and always knew he was knowledgable when it came to exercise and food. As I wanted to learn more about the energy systems and nutrition I decided to ask him a few questions. Within 15 minutes I had decided to have him develop an entire exercise regime as well as nutrtional plan for me.

He’s knowledge is amazing and you can tell that he tailors your program to suit your own lifestyle. I was surprised at how easy it is.

Not one regret’.

Ryan Hinz
PIllars Of Modern Man


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