The Stone Cold Truth About Health & Fitness

After so many years of searching for that secret that so many others seemed to possess when it came to achieving amazing results, be it aesthetics, overall performance or simply beating a PR, I decided to write an article on the stone cold truth about all of these health and fitness preachers, and they’re dirty little secret. 

You know the ones Im talking about. The ones that hold the “secret”.

After many years researching and trialling diets, different training regimes, time schedules, sleep schedules, different training methods, I got tired of hitting what appeared to be a glass ceiling. I realised something was missing as I was never as well defined, fit and “gifted” as the majority of the health and fitness preachers out there. I was confused.

What was it that all of these preachers, or “swoldiers” as they often call themselves, as well as professional athletes had found or employed in their routines that had them on a higher playing field then myself?

The answer was drugs. And lots of them.

The type that enhance not only your performance but also gains in any way imaginable.

Now this is something that I’ve known for a long time, and if you know me personally, I’m pretty darn vocal when it comes to drug use in sport, be it at a professional level or at a local level. There are a large group of people who prefer to keep quiet about their “dirty habits”, when I know for a fact that they’re taking performance enhancing drugs. Why am I vocal? Because they lie through their teeth about how they get their results. Be it, “clean eating”, “10 hours sleep a night”, and the classic “I’m more dedicated than the next Joe” rubbish they sell the next unsuspecting soul. Who benefits? They do. They create their own supplements line which does nothing but help other individuals fall short of their physique and own goals. Sure, supplements work, but just not in ways these goons are marketing them. Who doesn’t benefit? The young kids who want to look like Arnie, and end up realised its drugs and start taking them at the gym when they’re 17. 17! They’re not even fuller developed yet, and there is such a growing issue of young adolescents being mislead by the health and fitness preachers or swoldiers.


“Steroids”, to a degree, are a thing of the past. Yes, they’re still used, of course they are but within recent years they’ve taken a backseat to many other drugs, most of them, like their predecessors are still in research stages and are NOT recommended for human use. You read that correctly, NOT FOR HUMAN USE. Some of these drugs are the ones Steve Dank, the infamous sports Dr who was at the centre of the Essendon AFL scandal, and was also involved in numerous NRL clubs and independent athletes, administered. But let’s not get into the ethics behind it all. That’s another story.

There are plenty of new designer drugs, replicating the effects similar to steroids, some supposedly marketed with less side-effects, some with serious side-effects. HGH or Human Growth Hormone is now relatively common among gym go-ers as a simple “stack” that accompanies a steroid cycle. SARMS is now making a scene on the circuit, which is one of those drugs I mentioned above, that is still in stage-2 clinical trials and not intended for human use. It can be bought and sold without much hassle and shipped to your door.

Accessibility has become easier over the years, as supply and demand has increased, so have they ways to avoid detection via customs. The sellers will label their gear as “nail polish”, or “beauty products”, “beard oils” etc.

One of my many beefs are the motherfuckers that continually post “inspirational” pics of how they train their arses off everyday, and “train harder than you ever will” etc all over these motivational social media accounts. They’re on drugs. Some as young as 18 years of age. Shit they haven’t even developed mentally yet, let alone physically. It’s a disaster.

Life would be so much easier for everyone of these mofos simply said, “I’m on the gear, and I do train hard, yes”. It’s not focus and vision. Not 10 hours sleep. Not chicken and fuckin’ brocolli five times a day.



Now, one thing I do know for a fact, is that the rewards I have reaped, where health and fitness is focus, is that legit results take hard work. Dedication. As I always used to say, to visually driven clients, the best changes you’re making to your body aren’t necessarily visible. Measurable, yes, but directly visible, not really. It’s the greater lung capacity, boosted immune system, and stronger heart that we often forget about. Ask yourself this. When was the last time you left the gym or a training session and thought, “wow I’m so glad I trained today because I’m kicking mortality in the arse?” Not recently, right? It’s all, “oh wow I look so much more swole now as opposed to yesterday”. It’s all visually driven motivation, that’s more often force fed as a result via clever marketing and people on the gear via their social media accounts.

If you’re not sold, watch the doco by the Bell Brothers, “Bigger, Faster, Stronger”.

Drugs have been part of sport and human evolution for eons. I’m not denying that. The issue stands that body image has become such an indicator of success nowadays thanks to hollywood, and the aforementioned, that everybody is doing anything by any means necessary to be “successful” or to look attractive or “healthy”.

It’s a slippery slope. Don’t fuck yourself up for some temporary glory by getting cut for summer. It’s not worth it. The health consequences are far more serious than you think if you abuse these drugs, and the issue is, kids or adolescents will and have done. As I had previously mentioned, kids as young as 17 in my home town of Hobart are taking them. Kids in High School. All due to body image issues and the need to look swole.


Stay tuned for my follow up literature review on The Impact of Socio-cultural Factors On Body Image in Male Adolescents. A nice little insight into why body image is becoming more prevalent in young males and how this has come to be of concern in recent years.

Stay healthy the way nature intended.


Happy living,

Enlighten. Empower. Evolve. 


Ryan Hinz

PMM Lifestyle & Performance
AA, BA (Behavioural Sciences) University of Tasmania
MSW & Clinical Counselling Griffith University
Certified Level III/IV Trainer
ASCA Qualified Strength & Conditioning Coach
ASCA Sports Nutrition
ASCA Mentor Coach


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